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MXU's Mission

MXU is dedicated to helping everyone from the athlete to the enthusiast reach their full potential. Our program is designed to emphasize the importance of fundamentals, while also fostering the competitiveness of racing when it's time. We understand that every person is unique, and brings different needs and goals, so this is not a one size fits all program. Everything about MXU is custom fit and tailored to help athletes reach the outcome of being the best version of themselves.

Meet James From MXU

To say that the term unconventional describes my path in Motocross would be accurate. I started riding at the age of 13, and was obviously pretty terrible, but I just enjoyed being on two wheels. My father and I would go to a local track once a week on Sundays to ride together. He was no superstar either, so there wasn’t much for me to learn. Regardless, every time I got on the bike I was at my happiest. At 14 years old, I entered my first race, and 6 years later I earned an AMA pro racing license. Those six years didn’t come easy, as I stayed in public school, had commitments to other sports, obtained a business degree from the Community College of Rhode Island, and stayed in the Northeast the entire time. I was fast, but I got hurt often. I then began the journey of spending winter months at facilities, and I was able to clearly see the benefits of being surrounded by faster riders, and having a leader to push you further than you thought you were capable of being pushed. I also simultaneously began my journey as a traveling coach, teaching large classes one to three times per week for almost an entire year. I quickly began to understand the importance of the fundamentals. It was something that I had never given the proper amount of attention to, but the reality is that it’s extremely necessary. I have since been able to reinvent myself as a rider. My goal as a training and development organization is to get the most out of my athletes, by using the process that myself and the best athletes in motocross trust. Although I don’t have a resume that’s jam packed with my success, I can truly understand the most difficult of situations, and I have a passion for showing others how to get the most out of themselves.

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